Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Last Night...

...not the beginning of a great Strokes song, instead the beginning of Liars' League Hong Kong! We held our very first event last night.

LLHK piled into Fill In the Blank to perform on the penultimate night of the 'Our House' festival. The night kicked off with musical duo Nick & Isla joined by The Homestead, who serenaded us with folk melodies and covers from Once and Foster the People.

Left to right: Beth, Isla, Aaron and Nick

At 8pm we set ourselves up and were raring to go, Book of Lies in hand.

Left to right: Alex, Hin, Keon and Michael. Lovely expressions.
First up was Alex Milner, who read 'Colours' by Graham Buchan, a wistful and funny story about writing - but really about the good old days of the narrator's youth.

Alex Milner reading 'Colours' by Graham Buchan

Hin Leung told us all about an unusual rodeo contest in Cassie Gonzales' 'Air Harp'.

Hin Leung reading 'Air Harp' by Cassie Gonzales
Keon Lee was a taxi driver with one heck of a story to tell in 'The Donkey' by Atar Hadari.
Keon Lee reading 'The Donkey' by Atar Hadari

We finished up with Michael Rogers' hilarious ranting in Jody Callahan's 'Morality Laws Aboard Noah's Ark'.

Michael Rogers reading 'Morality Laws Aboard Noah's Ark' by Jody Callahan

Thanks to Tom Grundy at for his excellent videography skills (video to come soon), Lauren Every-Wortman for her generous photography, Fill In the Blank for hosting us and our sweaty legion, our actors for being just that good, the judges/MCs, the writers...and most of all you: the audience. Thanks for coming out!


Tom Grundy of and friends

Keon and Michael: because they're worth it. Totally.

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