Tuesday, 26 February 2013

He & She - recap


It was a roaring, thrilling, sweaty, rollicking, electrifying success! Thanks to all who came out last night to our inaugural Liars' League full-length event at Joyce is Not Here. Terribly sorry to those who couldn't quite squeeze themselves through the door - we did try to rearrange the furniture a bit for maximum capacity...

Videos will be up soon, but for the time being, here are some beautiful photos, shot by the multi-talented Shirley Sheung of Sheungology...

Waiting for the show to begin

Sean Hebert reading 'He Said, She Said, Descriptions of the Sky' by E. P. Henderson

Keon Lee reading 'Semi-Detached' by Liam Hogan

Alex Milner reading 'Jervis Street' by Steve Dodds

Ann-Marie Taaffe reading 'Oysters' by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Row of actors waiting for their cue

Ines Laimins reading 'Life Cycle' by Michael Spring

Harry Oram reading 'Tempting Fate' by Paul Blaney

Aaron Andrews and Beth Shultis of The Homestead performing Neil Young

Ann-Marie Taaffe and Hin Leung reading 'Sounds' by David William Hill
Ann-Marie Taaffe and Hin Leung

Matt Fleming, our resident MC! 

Michael Rogers reading 'Threesome' by Robin Sweet