Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fairytales & Nightmares - recap

Once upon a time...

There was a Liar. And the time we shall talk about is Monday 25th March. This Liar marched up to Les Boules armed with the Book of Lies, a bunch of posters and chalkboard pens.

With a little bit of help from her friends, the Liar transformed Les Boules from a cute pétanque alley into a theatrical den of mystery and intrigue, ready to accommodate the Liars of Hong Kong and all their debauchery. They didn't even need wands and squidgy little forest creatures to speed up the process.

Presently all the other Liars arrived, mostly on time, despite the torrential rain and howling wind wreaking havoc outside. And then the night began. There were stories! Beers! Bag piping! More stories! And a very sweet after party.

And they all (sort of) lived happily ever after.

Alex Milner reading 'Fairytales & Nightmares' by Richard Meredith

Sean Hebert reading 'The Third Son' by E. P. Henderson

Lara Genovese reading 'Fairy Tail' by Liam Hogan

Ann-Marie Taafe reading 'There Goes the Fear' by Ysabelle Cheung

Bagpiper Christopher Lee

Michael Rogers reading 'Lie Detector' by Sam Carter

Saffron Chan reading 'Passiflora' by Hanne Larsson

Harry Oram reading 'The Maiden who Outsmarted the Tzar', a traditional
Serbian  fairytale translated by Jelena Curcic

Sin Gwamanda reading 'Apple Kiss' by Helen Dring

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  1. Love, love those photos, so evocative. On tenterhooks for the vids!