Saturday, 4 May 2013

East & West recap

Thanks to everyone who came out earlier this week for a fantastic night of tales, tapas and tunes!

We had our biggest crowd yet on Monday; our Liars spotted literary agents, publishers, writers, bankers and musicians among others in the crowd. One very special guest flew all the way in from San Francisco for this particular night - Zarina Zabrisky, the author of 'Wanderlust', lives up to her story!

Thanks to Shirley Sheung for the photographs and Joe Angelakis for the videos (which shall be up soon).

Alex Milner reading 'Departures' by Liam Hogan

Saffron Chan reading 'Charades' by Chance McLaren

Hin Leung reading 'Blue Lovers' by Huang Haisu

Lara Genovese reading 'Wanderlust' by Zarina Zabrisky

Francesco Teopini wowing the crowd with 'Spanish Romance'

Brad Powers reading an extract from 'Handover' by Paul Blaney

Keon Lee reading 'How I Met Your Mother' by Evan Pheiffer

Sin Gwamanda reading 'The Other Mother' by Ysabelle Cheung

Matt Fleming reading 'Message in a Bottle' by C T Kingston

Emcee and Liar judge Daniel Levia wrapping up the night

Author Zarina Zabrisky with Liar actress Lara Genovese

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