Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lust & Chastity - confirmed stories

Another month, another event!

We just confirmed the lineup for Lust & Chastity.

The following NINE stories (yes, we threw an extra one in there just for you) are...

A Good Hard Shopping by Keon Woong Lee (LLHK actor!)
Warrior Princess by Michael Skansgaard
The Prince of Poland Visits the Pieta by Grace Andreacchi
Chastity by Richard Meredith
Bonerland by John Biggs
All the Way by Daniel Bird
Scimitar and Cane by Paul Comrie
Brotherhood of the Blue Balls by Sam Carter
Our Lady of Guadeloupe by Evan Pheiffer

The event till take place on June 24th. Stay tuned for venue and other details!

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