Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lust & Chastity - recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Fringe Club on Monday! 'Twas a roaring success. Special thanks to Matt, Dan, Sean, Marshall, Marysia, Shirley and Joe - and of course, all the Liars.

Keon Lee reading 'A Good Hard Shopping' Keon Lee!

Ann-Marie Taaffe reading 'All the Way' by Daniel Bird

Alexandra Jacobs reading 'Scimitar and Cane' by Paul Comrie

Saffron Chan reading 'Warrior Princess' by Michael Skansgard

Alex Milner reading 'Chastity' by Richard Meredith

Sean Hebert reading 'Brotherhood of the Blue Balls' by Sam Carter

Warner Sallman reading 'Our Lady of Guadelupe' by Evan Pheiffer

Hin Leung reading 'The Prince of Poland visits the Pieta' by  Grace Andreacchi

Daniel Jade Levia reading 'Bonerland' by John Biggs

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