Thursday, 11 September 2014

Liars' League x StoryWorthyWeek

Next Monday we're hosting a very special showcase event as part of Story Worthy Week, Hong Kong's annual spoken word festival.  The stories for this event are a bit longer than our usual flash fiction tales, and are a mix of all manner of genres with one thing in common: Hong Kong.

We start at 8pm and are hosting at Backstage Live (NOT the Fringe Club this time!). We can't guarantee seats for everyone, so please come early if you want to park your tush somewhere comfy for the night.

Note: to cover venue costs, we'll be charging our guests $20 at the door at this event. Rest assured though that this is a one-off charge - we're usually always free!



A Chance to Sing by Paul Flack - read by Sean Hebert
It Was Land by PJ Carnehan - read by Hin Leung

-- BREAK --

Accounts Payable by Yalun Tu - read by Daniel Jade Levia
Instructions for Visiting Hong Kong by Sarah Evans - read by Jeanne M. Lambin
The Eunuch's Tale by John Merk Robertson - read by Michael Charles Rogers

To keep the festivities going before and after the stories, we'll have Liar judge and music maestro Anderson Muth on the decks, pumping out chill reggae and mixes under his music monikor The Groove Thief. 

Here's his latest mix, to get you started...

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